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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Scrrible 3

crossing, huge crossing, light blue sky and buiding,

what I can see,

shoulders shoulders shoulders, coats, trousers, short boots, zebra crossing,
bags, shopping bags, bags from shops, cloths in it.

steps steps steps...
to get there to the other side, within a time, while it is green,

no space left much, just people, their cloths, shoes, bags,
no time left much, everyone is in hurry

jungle? sea?

no communication, just a bunch of people moving,
without stop

music from the shop, マツキヨからの呼び込み、

selling mobiles, computers, iphones,,,
not much things to do with me,

I just need to get to one place after this crowd..

then I met one girl I know, conversation starts
everything else is just passing
her and me, small conversation but very pleasant,
oasis in desert?

then we say bye, walking different directions,
following each our own paths,


sky over the building,
shall i go to shops?

asphalt, zebra crossing,red lights,
car stops, I walk
I wait as it is red lights
he waits, she waits, space between us,
keeping space between us, not lose it.

space in front of me to walk, pass, and cross,

3/24/2012 in Tottenham

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