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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Scribble 2

huge road crossings, sparse cars,
already dark but with lights on road, from tall buildings, restaurants and shops
it doesn't look very dark

people in coats, light coats, going home or going out
shine of cars, tall buildings, neons
asphalt, shining hard surface of buildings

I am in the middle of things, floating
I can go home, I can go to shops to look around, but don't have anything I need to and want to buy
I am not hungry so I don't need to eat...

One friend is sick, she works too hard. So she didn't come today

Another friend went home because she has two kids and one husband to look after

The other one went home because she is working tomorrow, so she needs to prepare.

I am here, floating without anything enjoying this empty space with big city-like landscape.

Tomorrow morning it will be filled with cars crossing one way or another, people walking to work, shops,,, to anywhere but with more purposes, lively

Sat 10 march 2012 Tottenham

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