Currently we are working with Haringey Young Carers to create their version of Crossings, which will be performed in outdoor locations in Tottenham on the 7th and 8th July, as part of Big Dance 2012. Supported by Arts Council England and Big Dance 2012. For more info, please click here.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Scrrible 3

crossing, huge crossing, light blue sky and buiding,

what I can see,

shoulders shoulders shoulders, coats, trousers, short boots, zebra crossing,
bags, shopping bags, bags from shops, cloths in it.

steps steps steps...
to get there to the other side, within a time, while it is green,

no space left much, just people, their cloths, shoes, bags,
no time left much, everyone is in hurry

jungle? sea?

no communication, just a bunch of people moving,
without stop

music from the shop, マツキヨからの呼び込み、

selling mobiles, computers, iphones,,,
not much things to do with me,

I just need to get to one place after this crowd..

then I met one girl I know, conversation starts
everything else is just passing
her and me, small conversation but very pleasant,
oasis in desert?

then we say bye, walking different directions,
following each our own paths,


sky over the building,
shall i go to shops?

asphalt, zebra crossing,red lights,
car stops, I walk
I wait as it is red lights
he waits, she waits, space between us,
keeping space between us, not lose it.

space in front of me to walk, pass, and cross,

3/24/2012 in Tottenham

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Expanding imagination 2

Waiting for the traffic signals to change.

Flow of cars. Flow of people.

It is all too much for me.
I cannot bear the noise.  I cannot bear the movement.

Instead of shutting out, I decide to open up myself.
The flow of noise and movement come into me.
I have no longer myself.
I am part of landscape.

I look nowhere.
I am everywhere.
I have been eaten by the city.

I have no idea where I came from or where I am going.
My body carries me somewhere I am meant to be.

12th March 2012, in Holloway

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Scribble 2

huge road crossings, sparse cars,
already dark but with lights on road, from tall buildings, restaurants and shops
it doesn't look very dark

people in coats, light coats, going home or going out
shine of cars, tall buildings, neons
asphalt, shining hard surface of buildings

I am in the middle of things, floating
I can go home, I can go to shops to look around, but don't have anything I need to and want to buy
I am not hungry so I don't need to eat...

One friend is sick, she works too hard. So she didn't come today

Another friend went home because she has two kids and one husband to look after

The other one went home because she is working tomorrow, so she needs to prepare.

I am here, floating without anything enjoying this empty space with big city-like landscape.

Tomorrow morning it will be filled with cars crossing one way or another, people walking to work, shops,,, to anywhere but with more purposes, lively

Sat 10 march 2012 Tottenham

Expanding imagination

This is part of our experiment to expand our imagination around crossings.
Free writing for 5-10 minutes without stopping and see how the narrative develops.

Here is one of mine.

At crossings.

Mostly grey. Several dots of red, green, white and orange.
They are like landmarks in the map. Map, that consists of mostly the ocean.

I am swimming in the ocean. And other people are also swimming.
Each of us are going to different directions, to different places.

I cannot see the faces of others very clearly. The water is not very clear. It's all grey.

I like red and green dots. They have energy for living. Very attractive.

I could just look and look at them from here and from there.
The dots come closer and go further apart. They move without moving.

I move.

6th March 2012, at Siobhan Davies Studios

Friday, 2 March 2012

Scribbling about crossings

curvature of the road, scene coming to me, blue sky, hands in pockets

walking, talking to themselves, using microphone of the mobile

pipipipipi, small run to get there, scarf over the head, long skirts

small path in the big road
making our own path on the road
cutting the flow of cars,,, no,

finding the space between the flow of cars,
cutting across, between,
the space between

safe path, you have the signal and alarm
my own time to cross
priority, thank you

man in the driver's seat
head light, big head of cars
trucks, buses, red, red, red, stop

my time finishes, I start new journey to ASDA

short strip of time and space
bridging this side and that side

no meanings, just different sides
opposite sides,

flow of people walking, around them
all the same buildings, shops, banks, markets,

moving flow of people

Tue 28 Feb, 2012, at SD studio