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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Expanding imagination

This is part of our experiment to expand our imagination around crossings.
Free writing for 5-10 minutes without stopping and see how the narrative develops.

Here is one of mine.

At crossings.

Mostly grey. Several dots of red, green, white and orange.
They are like landmarks in the map. Map, that consists of mostly the ocean.

I am swimming in the ocean. And other people are also swimming.
Each of us are going to different directions, to different places.

I cannot see the faces of others very clearly. The water is not very clear. It's all grey.

I like red and green dots. They have energy for living. Very attractive.

I could just look and look at them from here and from there.
The dots come closer and go further apart. They move without moving.

I move.

6th March 2012, at Siobhan Davies Studios

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